Centro Educativo Áncora


Centro Educativo Áncora

Our school was born as an educational program for CHIRIA, because of the need to educate the children of the shelter program with strong values and academic excellence. In an act of love and service to all children, we opened the school to the public, to provide our community and city with the education that children and teenagers deserve and need.For this reason 100% of our students receive some type of scholarship for their education; to maintain academic excellence at an accessible cost for families.

Currently this is our program with the greatest social reach; today we have 80 beneficiaries in levels from preschool to high school; 16% of our student community suffers from a neurodevelopmental disorder such as asperger's or autism at different levels. Having a diverse student community not only challenges us to provide specialized education, but it is also an opportunity to generate an inclusive community free of bullying and discrimination.

We focus on integral development with physical, artistic and spiritual education, in addition to having a psychology department.

You can be part of transforming lives through education, become a sponsor so that a child can receive everything they need to change their future

Meet LAM

Our educational system is based on Libros Águila México (LAM), which certifies us nationally and is internationally endorsed by the Mati Talent Institute.

Admission profile

Áncora Educational Center aims to provide quality education accessible to all children and adolescents who want to transform their lives through an education based on values.


Our academic foundation is Christ-centric, with applications and methodologies guided to the formation of habits and autonomy.


The admission process begins with an interview so that both the student and the school can get to know each other to find out if Áncora is what they need for their training.

Centro Educativo Áncora

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