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All girls, boys and adolescents deserve a second chance



CHIRIA, is an organization that serves children and teenagers who are in vulnerable situations, who have been abandoned, neglected or impacted by the lack of resources. Once they arrive at CHIRIA, they are assisted through different programs to promote their development and autonomy.

We are located in San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, situated in the Cuenca del Papaloapan. We belong to the state of Oaxaca, but we border with the state of Veracruz. This puts us in the middle of two of the states of Mexico with the highest percentage of social and educational delay, as well as victims of violence.

For this reason, our academic program is the strongest of our programs, as it combats the high numbers of illiteracy found in our region.





Casa Hogar CHIRIA

It is our shelter program where we restore and train children and teenagers who have been victims of abandonment, neglect or violence.

Áncora Educational Center

This is the EDUCATIONAL program that operates as a school for the children and teenagers of Casa CHIRIA, which is also open to the public, so that each child receives a quality and complete education.

Plan Daneil

Plan Daniel is the program that FEEDS each child, teenager, and team member by promoting a nutritional culture based on the plate of good eating, guided by nutritionists and specialists.

Transition to Adult Life

The objective of this program is to prepare and guide the adolescents and young people of the home, on their way to independence and personal development, approaching the responsibilities of daily life, for their discharge upon completing



Sponsor the education or life of a child or adolescent with recurring donations from 10 dollars a month.


You can help us cover the recurring basic needs of our beneficiaries by donating new or half-used clothing, groceries, personal hygiene products, cleaning, furniture, etc. Consult the different ways to make these donations.

coffee CHIRIA

Join the transformation of lives with one or several cups of a delicious, 100% pure, semi-organic coffee that promotes local consumption and is supportive for benefiting more than one social cause..


During the year, we hold different events to raise funds, through which you can join as a volunteer, contributing and sharing all the information to help us reach each goal.

Our Donors